Transforming Data with R and the Tidyverse

Learn to master the packages within the Tidyverse ecosystem to work with data.


In this one-day hands-on workshop, RStudio certified instructor Jeroen Janssens will walk you through the so-called tidyverse to transform data. The tidyverse is an ecosystem of R packages that share an underlying design philosophy, grammar, and data structures.

We’ll start at the beginning, with importing CSV data using readr and spreadsheets using readxl. We’ll cover the most important functions from dplyr and tidyr for generic data wrangling and cleaning. We’ll also look at dealing with dates, factors, and textual data specifically using the packages lubridate, forcats, and stringr, respectively. Note that this workshop does not cover ggplot2; for that we recommend our one-day workshop Data Visualisation with R and ggplot2.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a good understanding of the tidyverse ecosystem and you’ll be able to apply many of its packages to your own data.


  • The concept of tidy data
  • Filtering rows
  • Selecting columns
  • Replacing values
  • Handling missing values
  • Cleaning column names
  • Making groups
  • Computing summary statistics
  • Pivoting
  • Dealing with dates, factors, and textual data


You’re expected to have some experience with programming in R and RStudio. Our workshop Introduction to Programming in R is one option that can help you with that.

Participants are kindly requested to have the following items installed prior to the start of the workshop:

About your instructor

Jeroen Janssens
Principal Instructor, Data Science Workshops

Jeroen is an RStudio Certified Instructor who enjoys visualizing data, building machine learning models, and automating things using either Python, R, or Bash. Previously, he was an assistant professor at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science and a data scientist at Elsevier in Amsterdam and various startups in New York City. He is the author of Data Science at the Command Line. Jeroen holds a PhD in machine learning from Tilburg University and an MSc in artificial intelligence from Maastricht University.


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Gemeente Nijmegen
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Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing

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Wouter Egberink
Manager Commercial Analytics, KPN

Data Science Workshops organised for KPN a ten-week course on Data Science with R. The combination of training, on-site coaching, and remote support ensured that our analysts are applying the new knowledge and skills in their daily projects. For instance, they’re now capable to implement complex predictive models using R. We’re looking forward to the follow-up course on Advanced Machine Learning.

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