Training and Coaching KPN’s Data & Analytics Department

  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Employees: 15,000+
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Wouter Egberink
Manager Commercial Analytics, KPN

Data Science Workshops organised for KPN a ten-week course on Data Science with R. The combination of training, on-site coaching, and remote support ensured that our analysts are applying the new knowledge and skills in their daily projects. For instance, they’re now capable to implement complex predictive models using R. We’re looking forward to the follow-up course on Advanced Machine Learning.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 30 January 2018 — KPN has been using R for a long time, but recently expressed interest in learning more about Python. So, for that reason, we organised an Inspiration Session for a large group of people. In one hour we discussed things such as:

  • Why bother learning a programming language for doing data science?
  • What are the advantages of Python? How does it compare to R?
  • Where is Python used effectively? Is it being thought at universities?
  • Which Python packages are good for visualisations and machine learning?
  • How can developers and analysts work more closely together?
  • What are good ways to learn more about this?

These are all valid questions; questions that you may have as well. An inspiration session by Data Science Workshops is a great way to get answers quickly and to discuss your own situation with an expert.