Demonstrating Unix Power Tools at SURFnet

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  • Founded: 1988
  • Headquarters: Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Employees: 150+
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Utrecht, the Netherlands, 24 September 2018 — Even though we started teaching Data Science at the Command Line four years ago, it remains a pleasure to show others what this time-tested technology can do with data. Probably because we very often learn new things from the participants!

Joost van Dijk
Manager Middleware Services, SURFnet

As a seasoned UNIX command line adept, I didn’t expect to learn much from a Data Science at the Command Line workshop. I was wrong! Over the years, many new tools have become available that I didn’t know about, and that can be combined with traditional tools in new ways.

Since attending the workshop, I have been able to simplify and improve the efficiency of many of the scripts I use on a daily basis. Recommended for anyone working from the command line, newbies and ninjas alike!