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Together you’ll learn better thanks to my workshop Data Analysis with Python and Pandas. Do you want to know more about this workshop? Curious how I can adapt it to your needs? Something else? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Data Analysis with Python and Pandas

Learn how to accelerate your data analyses using Pandas, a Python library specifically designed for working with medium-sized data sets. Together with JupyterLab it enables a convenient environment for interactive data analysis.

Pandas is part of the so-called PyData ecosystem, and in this workshop we’ll start by providing an overview of PyData and explain where Pandas stands and how it interacts with other libraries such as NumPy and Seaborn. Pandas introduces a few new data structures, most importantly the DataFrame, which are essential to understand how to work with tabular data efficiently.

Pandas offers many features, and in one day, through a good balance of presentation and interactive exercises, we’re going to cover the most important ones, including: importing, filtering, grouping, joining, exploring, and visualising data. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand the fundamentals of Pandas, be aware of common pitfalls, and be ready to perform your own analyses.

What you’ll learn

This workshop is for you because



You’re expected to have some experience with programming in Python. Our workshop Introduction to Programming in Python is one option that can help you with that. Roughly speaking, if you’re familiar with the following Python syntax and concepts, then you’ll be fine:

Recommended preparation

We’re going to use Python together with JupyterLab and the following packages:

The recommended way to get everything set up is to download and install the Anaconda Distribution.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use Anaconda, then you can install everything using pip. In any case, if running import pandas, seaborn doesn’t produce any errors then you know you’ve set up everything correctly.

I’ve previously delivered this workshop at

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science
Brabant Water

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